Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Recent Completed Art Projects

Strange how it takes a while to realize I haven't put up photos here...  I guess Facebook has taken over my brain.  Here are some recent art projects:  some collaged "Block Babes,"  two dolls from an online class with Paula McGee, a batch of fabric pumpkins with real stems, and another doll I've named Wisteria.  All thoroughly enjoyable art - and more on my table to be completed soon!
 Block Babes
 Block Babes
 Celeste - face
 Celeste - all

 Terra - face
 Terra - all
Fabric pumpkins

4 comments: said...

Good to see that you are back in Tree House... a few minutes anyway. Any CREATIVE time is GOOD time!!! I have dreams of being back at creating for pleasure too. Someday. The store has kind of taken over... Haven't found the time/balance... equation yet. Some day... I keep looking for it.... tho.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh Sue your projects are lovely. I love the Paula Mcghee dolls.

ct said...

beautiful! love the block dolls and the lovely art-cloth dolls, your work is so nice.

manos maravillosas said...

Your work is outstanding, lost your site due to loosing computer due to hacking, glad I found you again. Keep doing beautiful dols.